PTFE Hand Valve- Bubbler Valve Series 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 and 65

PTFE Hand Valve- Bubbler Valve

Plasmatech PTFE hand valves are ideally suited for use with ultra pure and difficult to handle liquids and gases. All parts are precision machined form virgin PTFE. Fittings nuts and cross member of valve stem are injection molded of Ryton R4. They are easily installed into your systems and function with the highest degree of reliability.

Design Features:

  1. Many combinations of tube or pipe connections are available, 1/8″ to 1/2″ NPT and 1/8″ to 3/4″ or 3mm to 19mm tube O.D.
  2. All configurations for connection with straight tube O.D.’s are supplied with Plasmatech fittings, female NPT ports are reinforced with anodized aluminum retaining collars.
  3. Only 3-4 turns are needed from closed to full open position.
  4. These valves do not require any stem packing.
  5. Maximum flow deflection with any style valve is 90º.
  6. The valve stem is removable for cleaning.

Operating Range:

Positive Pressure: To 80 psi Typical ¼” tube connection.
Negative Pressure: To 10 -4 Hg (All sizes and series)
Temperature: -350ºF to 400ºF

Ordering Information: (Use Part Number Code for Ordering Information) PTFE Hand Valve- Bubbler Valve Orderinf Info

Note: Plasmatech PTFE Hand Valves are available in many combinations. 2mm to 12mm orifice sizes may be ordered. Series 60 & 61 are machined with Plasmatech fittings in tube sizes from 1/8 ” to 3/4″ and 3mm to 19mm. Series 62, 63, 64 & 65 are available in 1/8″ to 1/2″ NPT, or any combination of the above including NPT and tube connections on the same valve.

Right angle valve with Plasmatech tube fittings
Straight through valve with Plasmatech tube fittings
Right angle valve with female NPT ports
Straight through valve with female NPT ports.
Right angle valve with male NPT fittings
Straight through valve with male NPT fittings
60 F4 V3 F4 61 F44 V3
60 F8 V3 F4 61 F4 M10 V5
60 F8 V5 F8 61 F66 V5
60 F8 V5 M10 61 F8 M10 V5
  61 F88 V5
60 M9 V3 F4 61 M10 F6 V5
60 M10 V2 F2 61 M10 F8 V5
60 M10 V3 F4 61 M10 10 V5
60 M10 V5 F6 61 M10 12 V5
60 M10 V5 M10 61 M12 12 V5
60 M10 V5 M12 63 F44 V5
60 M12 V5 F6 64 F4 V5 F4
60 M12 V5 M12 65 F44 V5
60 M19 V12 M19  


A number of size and style combinations are stock items and Plasmatech is able to produce all possible combinations within the range of this design. Please inquire or order using the above reference chart.